Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct Policy

Version effective as of April 8, 2020

The Volunteer Service (TVS) is created out of the need for a simple and effective way to match willing potential volunteers to hands-on volunteer opportunities in the community.  TVS provides a platform for which potential volunteers may easily view and sign up for volunteer prospects with organizations in their local area.TVS is where social awareness and opportunity come together.This Code of Conduct is intended to safeguard volunteers and organizations and to promote the collaboration and execution needed to positively affect the experience of the volunteer and the organization.Volunteers and organizations are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical, professional and responsible way at all volunteer opportunities.  Volunteers and organizations are expected to work with other volunteers, affiliates, and organization staff in a safe, cooperative, and respectful manner.  Inappropriate behavior or any actions that may be injurious to the reputation of TVS or may incur liability to TVS is cause for cancellation of a volunteer’s subscription and removal of an organization’s opportunities from the website.


A registered volunteer or organization of TVS accepts the responsibility to conform to the TVS Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Volunteers and organizations are responsible for becoming familiar with these documents and which are easily accessible on the TVS website.

  • Interact with volunteers, with employees of the organizations, with employees of TVS, and with members of the public in a professional, courteous, civil, dignified, respectful, fair and equitable manner;
  • Perform job functions in the best interest of the volunteer and organization;
  • Honor the need for confidentiality with respect to information obtained, and not disclose confidential information gained by reason of the volunteer opportunity;
  • Volunteers to follow the Code of Conduct, rules and/or behavior policies of the organization for which they are volunteering;
  • Volunteers show up to every opportunity on-time and prepared for the work assigned.  Organizations provide a safe and organized volunteer environment.



Although there is no possible way to identify every rule of conduct, the following is an illustrative list. Keep in mind that these standards of conduct apply to all registered volunteers and organizations whenever engaged in volunteer opportunities listed on the TVS website.  Engaging in any conduct TVS deems inappropriate may result in cancellation of subscription or removal of organization volunteer opportunity.  Unacceptable behavior may include, but is not limited to:

  • Dishonesty;
  • Possession or control of illegal drugs, weapons, explosives, alcohol, or other dangerous or unauthorized materials;
  • Engaging in threats of violence or violence, use of vulgar or abusive language or other disorderly conduct that may endanger others or damage property;
  • Failure to comply with the TVS Terms & Conditions and TVS Privacy Policy;
  • Excessive absenteeism or tardiness;
  • Unprofessional conduct at TVS volunteer opportunities;
  • Illegal harassment or discrimination;
  • Unauthorized self-promotion at TVS volunteer opportunities;
  • Unauthorized self-promotion to TVS volunteers;
  • Disrespectful treatment of TVS personnel or organization staff;
  • Behavior that demeans, ridicules, or embarrasses an employee of the organization, a fellow volunteer, or a member of the public;
  • Bullying which creates an intimidating, humiliating or uncomfortable volunteer environment;
  • Harassment of others because of race, ancestry, age, religion, sexuality, marital status, same-sex partnership status, family status or disability;
  • Asking for compensation for volunteer service;
  • The conduction on-site of non-volunteer business such as canvassing, collection of funds, pledges, circulation of petitions, promotion of services, solicitation or any other similar types of activity is strictly prohibited.



TVS reserves the right to take corrective action against any volunteer or organization who has been found in violation of this Code of Conduct. Corrective action may include, but is not limited to:

  • Issuing an apology
  • Warning
  • Suspension of TVS access and/or placement with a certain organization
  • Termination/Cancellation of Account
  • Termination of posted volunteer opportunities
  • Police involvement if necessary